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 Post subject: Research artifacts
PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:58 am 
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Currently each and every thing that can be placed on a ship is acquired via tech research.
As ship-related techs:
- engines
- armor
- weapons
develop pretty linear and straightforward, there's no need to experiment.

Bio-mech armor will always be better than titanium, no matter what.
And making bumps in the level 1-10 progression (i.e. speed 30-35-40-41-42-43-60-63, etc) may be confusing.

Because of the lack of things to experiment with, special devices section in ship design is severly underused.
Aux pods, shields, if they are developed, maybe stealth device...
If it is not a dedicated troops (by the way, "troop" is pronounced similarly to "corpse" in Russian) transport, that's all you usually use on all types of ships.

Maybe it makes sense to add separate entities, artifacts from tech research?

Let's imagine that on level 3 of graviton engines research we discover particles lenser (+10% speed, or +15% range for ion and neutron cannons, or +4 damage absorb for shields, you name it).
And maybe level 6 of a useless heavy slug guns allows you to have a reinforced hull.
You got the idea.

And they're non-upgradable. You got one on level 3 of the engine, it won't change even if you max the engine out.
So you'll have to experiment with the new builds.

We already have one such artifact.
"Auxiliary pods" are not produced via any tech, and they are non-upgradable.

Why not add more?

We can also liven up the "resourceful" trait by having requirements for these gadgets -1 level from normal.

Risks are as usual:
1) how not to clutter the ship design interface
2) how to make sure AI uses these gadgets too


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