AI race settings

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AI race settings

Post by Februarius »

Can someone give more information on AI race settings:

1. Philosophy
- expansionists
- warrior
- industrialists
- agrarian
- trader
- scholars
- technologists

2. Temperament
- passive
- aggressive

3. Behaviour
- isolationist
- social

Some of these are vaguely explained in the manual, and in game menus.
Would appreciate some numbers or more detailed explanation how each option directly affect the gameplay.

Regarding game events, are there any in classic mode, or just the missions in story mode? If I am not mistaken, didnt noticed any in the game.

Also where would someone find more info about game lore and races, if any?
Appreciate any help.

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Re: AI race settings

Post by Zaimat »

These settings affect only Ai controlled races.

It affects their decision making: mostly with regards to their Economy/Spending and Diplomacy but also other things.

For Economy/Spending:
Each turn the Ai divides it's net income into the different budgets : Exploration, Defense, Offense and Development.
So how they divide their income into budgets is directly affected by their philosophy and also changes during peace and war.

For Diplomacy:
What (if any) proposals they make is affected by their Behaviour. How they interact with other factions is also affected by their Temperament and Philosophy. These also affect how relations / tolerance improve or not.

For Combat:
Strategic decision making is also affected by these factors, how tolerant they are if you encroach in their territory. Aggressive races can also take on the conqueror actions (use attack and conquering as a means to expand).

There are other places in the game where the Ai settings have some impact in their decision making but I hope this gives you a good idea.

Game events happen in both classic and normal mode.
What is not available in classic mode is the tutorial and missions, also all races start at the same Tech level 1.

Other than the manual and in-game, you can also scroll to the bottom on the main webpage:
there is some info.
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