Horizon Summer 2023 update v1.0.2.149

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Horizon Summer 2023 update v1.0.2.149

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September 8, 2023

We have another quick update that we wanted to push live before the upcoming add-on pack. We hope you enjoy it.

New Achievements
* Added Terraforming achievements
* Added Conquest, Alliance and Galactic.Council Victory achievements based on various difficulty levels

Resolution Scaling
* Galaxy Map Taskforce and the Planetary Panel will now scale correctly. Noticeable when playing at very high or very low resolutions.

Memory Allocation
* The game is now Windows "Large Address Aware", this allows the game to use more memory (above 2GB) if necessary. This should not have any adverse effect (based on our testing) but let us know if the game becomes unstable for you.

Error Reporting Tool
* Updated the reporting tool, it should once again work as expected from the launcher link or from the Horizon installation folder. Let us know if you still get errors.

* Fighters are now immediately returned to their carrier after combat ends. Previously they were at times unavailable until the next turn due to not having time to finish the order to land and being unavailable for successive combat engagements.

Ship Design
* Weapon ranges are now displayed when hovering over weapons / slots on the top-right detail panel
* Weapon mount tooltips will now display effectiveness against different targets

Late Turn Optimization
* Reduced Ship Path-finding cost on strategy layer, this has a noticeable impact in late game and with large number of ships.
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Re: Horizon Summer 2023 update v1.0.2.149

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Can't wait to see what you're bringing in with the DLC!
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Re: Horizon Summer 2023 update v1.0.2.149

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