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Horizon release version

Post by Zaimat »

January 25, 2024

We have a small update to refine a couple of things based on feedback and also shed some light on how the game difficulty settings affect the game which we hope will help both new & veteran players.

* A.I. Empires with Neutral or Friendly relations will no longer colonize planets inside the outer border area (indicated by the dotted line) of other empires. Previously only the star system where a race owned planets were off-limits.

* Reduced the chance A.I. Empires will complain or make threats to the player for 'Expanding too fast'. Note that this does not lessen how the controversy can affect relations or may trigger other responses.

Game Setup
* Difficulty setting tooltips now indicate in detail the different parameters they change so players can make an informed decision.

Planet View
* Surveyed planets now indicate a numerical "Planet Value" for your race. The higher the better.
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Re: Horizon release version

Post by Anguille »

Thanks a lot!
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