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Horizon release version

Post by Zaimat »

Friday Dec 5, 2014


* Logistics technology Command Points base and per level bonus doubled, Starbase command points bonus factor added
* Command Points cost for going negative is now exponential. Lowered the base cost of going negative (less costly until -10 points)
* A Negative command points warning message has been added when a new ship is build and the balance is negative or if the empire treasury falls in the negative
* Worker and Research production ratios are now affected by the game difficulty setting
* The AI will now expand much faster at higher game difficulty settings
* Total command points used by a task force is now shown on the task force info panels and on the fleet list
* Command Points (icon with tooltip) are now available on the Ship Queue panel in colony view

* Fixed a bug where Exterminating a colony population while the autobuild is turned on could cause building repair costs to repeat for multiple turns
* Fixed damaged buildings sometimes not being repaired with the autobuild turned on
* Fixed combat outcome predictor tooltip not showing a message when ratio was 100% in favor of one side
* Har'kan race template modified to start with agriculture building
* Pressing the Next Colony button will now cycle through colonies in the same system when no other systems are colonized
* Trying to refit The Ghostship will no longer cause a crash
* Fixed particle cannon displayed damage range in the tech description

* Ship_design_stats.xml and tech_stats.xml now contain additional tech and ship details for modders
* miscellaneous_stats.xml added for modding the available points for Race customization
* Modifying race04 template will no longer default to the preset sol system for humans, if either the NumberOfPlanetsInSystem or PositionFromTheSun is changed
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Re: Horizon release version

Post by Anguille »

Thank you so much. This is fantastic 8)
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Re: Horizon release version

Post by Dialtone »

Nice update. Thanks for the extra modding functions.

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Re: Horizon release version

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Re: Horizon release version

Post by Bansheedragon »

And once more the devs come out with a great update.
I really wish more developers/publishers were this good at communicating with and listening to their community.