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Horizon version available in testing

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With this update the crew of ships and other vessels will now gain experience points from combat which can increase their rank. The ranks can be seen on ship stats as before plus their XP toward the next level. There are 5 ranks (Novice 0-10, Veteran 10-30, Elite 30-100, Heroic 100-500 and Legendary 500+). Ranks provide bonuses in combat toward targeting, defense, critical strikes and boarding combat.

Other changes
* Invade orders will no longer count or use troops from other task forces in the same system if they have different invasion targets.
* Non-combatant ships will now flee from their own systems if their side is losing the battle.
* During Invasion view a colony's native race will now be shown correctly instead of the occupying race.
* Overtaking an outpost from another race without a population will now set the native race to the occupying race.

How to access this latest (test) version of Horizon
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