The Humans Arrive

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The Humans Arrive

Post by Bocaan »

i kinda drew on the idea with how "Recent" events are enfolding in the world around us and felt that most 4x games put a gloss over the idea of humanity and hide the ugly truth here ive tried to make humanity be well as humanly human as possible so put alot of thought into what the true humans in the space age would be like as i highly doubt religion is going to die out if we hit space but probably be more "oh well the gods of old are sh*t, so there has to be some kinda space god! so huddle round everyone lets preach to this new space god and hope for his guiding hand!" lol i myself am athiest will always be so as i dislike the idea of a higher being being more important or more powerful then the common man and feel that such a being is a construct of escapism but thats my views

also having looked up 90% of human history we are probably far more militant then we give ourselves credit for just hah when it comes to funding not so good lol we'd rather beat each other on the head then rather find a rational thought out war

anyway guys on to what this race is:

this makes the humans a very militant, xenophobic, untrusting race who will probably be alittle to easy to piss off and probably your worst migrane you have probably ever had to have whilst playing Horizon lol just for the love of god dont play against the humans on the highest difficulty setting..... youll regret it! on that setting it shows why we humans are truly worthy of the title: "Bloodthursty, Blood God Worshiping Douchebags!"

Farming = 50
Trade = 25
Industry = 50
Boarding Combat = 75
Ground Combat = 75
Moral = 50
Finance = 25
Space Combat = 75
Space Defence = 50

Humans have the Resourceful, creative, fanatical, warrior, repulsive and devious traits

All the alliens are set to neutral having watched mankind more out of fear of who we are! so they are all set to 4

and humans starting tech is:

Nuclear Missiles
Titanium Armour
Nuclear Engines
Nuclear Generator
Heavy Slug Rifle
Stealth Device
Life Support Systems
Defence ECM Systems
Targeting Sensors
Air Bomber
Air Fighter
Hailing Communicator
Interstellar Com
Interstellar Broadcasting
Combat Suit

Finally the bit we all know is truth and fear about ourselves lol

Temperment = 1
Philosophy = 0
Behaviour = 0

This means that this race will give the Tantik a new word in there language "U'mun" it would simply translate as "a speices with a malevalence greater then the tantik and should be rightfully feared yet respected"

Bewarned ive played against this race with the AI controling it and it was genocidal i very near lost on easy! but then again i never claimed to be the best 4x player but far from the worst

remember while all hallows eve is only 4 months way this all hallows has come early........... mwahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa and may you sleep with your ancestors knowing you tried to stop hell from escaping its prison :)

P.S. i also changed the kuntari race name to my online name they are now known as the "Bocaan" i found the name Kuntari to be alittle rude XD in that the first four letters sound like " U.ou N.ext T.eusday"ari i hope the dev's dont mind me pointing that out XD

P.S. cool thanks pal i have managed to get the pulsar missiles working XD thise look like some kinda evil red torpedo from the new star trek movie lol A.K.A nero's perverse nature made a red matter torpedo lol
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Re: The Humans Arrive

Post by Zaimat »

Thanks for sharing about your mod Bocaan, you have a very interesting take on Humans!

For sharing your mod, it's best to use some external preferably permanent site to host your mod such as On a Dropbox account which is free to use.

The "Anti-matter bolt cannon" is not an active tech so currently does not do anything even if enabled through modding. If this changes I'll make sure to post about it.
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Re: The Humans Arrive

Post by Bocaan »

oh yes i have a drop account and soon the file will be uploaded

Edit 1: here is the file :)

do enjoy and tell em what you think ... y.rar?dl=0