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Game PC System Specs

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Traditionally 4x and Strategy games haven't required modern PC specs or benefited much but this is changing. Things like increased CPU cores and multi-threading have become more mainstream and GPUs (Graphic cards) even more so with rasterization performance and higher VRAM buffers. All of these enable both new features and much better visuals even for Strategy games.

Horizon 2 will benefit from all of these and game performance and visuals will scale noticeably with increased PC resources and we plan to continue to do so in the future as PCs get ever more capable.

So what are your PC Specs? What monitor setup/resolution do you use?

Form factor: (PC/Laptop or Tablet)
OS: (Windows version)
RAM: (8GB or more)
CPU: (Intel or Amd and model)
GPU: (Nvidia or Amd and model)
Monitor: (Resolution and/or model)
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